How to Connect Asterisk

How to Connect Asterisk Server

1. Install Elastix Module and Define SmartFink User

 Install SmartFink Module on your Asterisk System and Define SmartFink User and Pass via that, to Install it:

*. Download RPM From Here and Install it with "rpm -i smartfink-asterisk-0.8.6-1.noarch.rpm" on your Linux.

*. After Installing RPM you can see smartfink module web UI by http://yourserverip/smartfink

2. Make Asterisk Manager USer and Pass (AMI User)

If You Have Asterisk System with FreePBX Manager (Such as ELASTIX, TRIXBOX, ASTERISKNOW, FREEPBX ISO, PIAX, ...)

Open Your FreePBX WEB UI (if you have elastix you can find it under PBX-->PBX Configuration-->Unembeded FreePBX)

Go to Tools-->Asterisk API  and click on Add Manager Button.


  • Manager Name: This is User Name  (Don't Use "admin" as user name)
  • Manager Secret: This is Password
  • Deny: Add Specific IPAddress or a Range of IPAddress to Deny
  • Permit: Add Specific IPAddress or a Range of IPAddress to
  • ** For the fist Time you can use in this field, It means that all the IPs are permited.
  • Rights: Check All the Read and Write Options

Now Save Your API User and Click on Apply Configuration to Reload Asterisk.

3. Add Your Astreisk Server in Configuration Menu.


These are Parameters that you should Fill

  • SiteName: as you wish !
  • Asterisk IP Address: Your Asterisk IP Address
  • Port: It is 5038 by Default so Do Not Change it
  • Asterisk User Name: Asterisk Manager User Name (We made it on Part2)
  • Asterisk Password: Asterisk Manager Password (We made it on Part2)
  • Ext. Num: Your Extension Number on Astreisk Server
  • Ext. Tech: Your Extension Protocol (Choose SIP or IAX2)
  • Smartfink Password: You Should Difine this Password Via SmartFink Module On Your Server (We Made it on Part1).